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Thai massage Ann Arbor

60 Minute Thai Massage $85

90 Minute Thai Massage $105

90 minutes blend of Thai and table. 45 minutes each $110

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art using pressure from palms, thumbs, knees, and feet to stimulate the energy lines or acupressure points. Mai Thai Yoga Massage specializes in Northern Thai Massage which also includes stretching done on the client by the therapist. So basically it is like going to yoga without doing any work while also getting a touch of massage. 

Benefits of Thai Massage

The benefits of Thai massage are relaxation, releasing tensions in the body which block the flow of energy and balance, stress relief, increase flexibility and range of motion and helps with posture and alignment, improve circulation, strengthens the organs, can relieve pain, and all over promoting balance between body and mind.

Thai Massage and stretching is a fantastic treatment for those who sit for long periods of time, would like to try yoga but are unsure of their flexibility to start, athletes, those who work out but are unsure of the correct stretches. Thai and stretching are great complimentary treatments to table massage and I recommend clients alternate between the two. Thai massage is very effective at relieving low back pain due to tight hamstrings as well as tight abdominal and leg muscles.

Mai Thai Yoga Massage

2030 Commerce blvd

Ann Arbor, Mi 48103


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