Table Massages


Swedish Massage 60/$75

Swedish Massage 90/$95

Prenatal Massage 60/$75

Swedish and Prenatal Massage

Light pressure for a relaxing massage. Hot towels and essential oils included in the Swedish massage only. Your choice of massage cream or oil. 

I perform my prenatal massages with mom laying in a comfortable position determined on how far along she is. I use pillows to help support. I see clients only during their 2nd and 3rd trimester as well as postpartum. At this time I do not have a pregnancy pillow to allow for face down massage.

Benefits of Prenatal and Swedish Massage

The benefits of Swedish massage are muscle tension reduction, enhance circulation immune system boosting, helps to ease muscle pain, and stress relief among many others.

Prenatal massage can help decrease symptoms of anxiety, help relieve muscle aches and joint pains associated with the changing of the body during pregnancy. It can improve sleep which is very important in pregnancy. Promoting relaxation and stress relief can help with cardiovascular health of pregnant women which can help lead to less complications during birth. It is recommended to ask your doctor if it’s recommended to get massage during pregnancy before making your appointment.

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