60 Minute Reflexology with Scalp massage $60

60 Minute Reflexology with Ear Acupuncture $70


The concept of reflexology is the belief that their are points in the feet that correspond to organs and other parts of the body and by pressing on these points will help stimulate energy to help flow through the body to help balance the immune system and and better function of organs. The massage aspect can help with body as well as foot pain. Even if you do not believe in energy flow or the reflexology connection the session itself is super relaxing and that helps with stress relief and stress relief promotes better health!

Scalp massage or Ear acupuncture during the Reflexology sessions can be swapped out for simple hand acupressure.

These are full Foot Reflexology sessions with less massage and more precise focus on the Reflex points.

Learn more about Ear Acupuncture here

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