Menu & Prices

Young woman getting traditional thai stretching massage by theraTargeted Stretching:  Assisted stretching on One bothersome area. Thai style stretching with acupressure.

  • 30 Minutes: $30

masseur makes thai foot massageThai Foot Reflexology: Foot and leg warm-up with massage, precise pressure on reflexive points with the Thai reflexology stick, hot towels to wipe down, and lower leg and ankle stretches to finish.

  • 40 Minute Express: $30
  • 60 Minute with Hot stones: $60

Bez názvu / UntitledThai Herbal Abdominal with Herbal Compress: Chi Nei Tsang.
A thorough intake of health will be performed. From there an initial session will take place in the form of warming of the abdominal region using steamed herbal compress and gentle abdominal massage. Subsequent sessions will then focus on in individual symptoms the client is experiencing and the session will be tailored to those needs in ways of herbs used as well as areas of the abdomen tended to. The first session lasts around 60-75 minutes with intake, procedure, and finishing up consult. Subsequent sessions last around 50 minutes.

  • First session: $55
  • Additional sessions $45
  • 60 Minute abdominal plus hand and foot massage: $60

massageSwedish Massage with Hot Stones:  Full body light to medium pressure in this relaxing massage with the addition of Hot Stones.

  • 60 Minutes: $75
  • 90 Minutes: $90

MassageSwedish Massage: Light to medium pressure for a relaxing massage.

  • 30 Minutes: $30
  • 60 Minutes: $60
  • 90 Minutes: $80

depositphotos_56900789_s-2015Thai Yoga Massage: 60-90 minutes of acupressure and stretching. This healing art from Thailand is thousands of years old and assists in healing our bodies inside and out. The stretching positions can be static with support from pillows or flowing from one pose to another. During the session compression on muscles and acupressure points help balance the energy in our body.

  • 60 Minutes: $80
  • 90 Minutes: $100

Cupping Massage: Silicone cups are placed on areas of tightness or strain and suctioned to release tension in those areas at the same time Swedish massage is performed on other areas of the body. This treatment will leave marks as the cups stay in place for several minutes.

  • 60 Minutes: $60

Prenatal Massage: This is done side-lying for women who are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester

  • 60 Minutes: $60