Thank you for purchasing your Groupon. Feel free to “Like” my facebook page or signup for newsletter where I announce my specials.

I am a one person who runs a tiny business inside a tiny room located inside a fitness center.

Please plan ahead. If your groupon is expiring soon, others are as well and I may be busier during that time. If you put yourself on my schedule (even if the actual visit is after the expire date) before your expiration date I will honor it with no extra charge. If you wait until after the expiration to schedule there will be a fee.

There is not a waiting room to bring family, children, or friends, nor is my room large enough to accommodate more than myself and one client.

I cannot promise I will be able to offer back to back massages (for family members) because of the time frame that needs.

I schedule Groupon appointment with a break between clients longer than non Groupon clients because paperwork needs to be filled out, vouchers need to be pulled up, and the location is new. For this reason Groupon appointments are scheduled online to allow for this buffer as it is most accurate. See at bottom for special circumstances.

Groupons are one per person. If you have bought 2 please return or gift to a friend.

Under no circumstances will I allow one person to book 2 groupon sessions back to back.

Your groupon is for the service purchased. For example, If you bought a groupon for the abdominal massage because the foot and head massage is sold out you cannot trade it in for something else at the appointment. Please return your groupon if you do not want the service you bought. I understand my groupons sell out and buying the other is an option but I run my specific groupons for a reason.

About scheduling can be found here. Please schedule for one of the exact service. If your unsure, put in the notes section what service is listed on your voucher.

******You will be considered a no show 15 minutes after your appt start times if you have not called or showed up and to visit again will require a deposit of the voucher amount to reschedule another appt. you must email me to reschedule.

If you have any questions or need to schedule beyond my 21 day schedule email Include your name and your what voucher you have and when it expires.

Thank you