Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage
Abdomen massage
Herbal abdominal massage

Thai Abdominal Massage $60

Herbal Thai Abdominal Massage

My abdominal massage is a combination of techniques of Chi Nei Tsang and Karen Hill Tribe Massage of Northern Thailand. The focus is to assist the internal abdominal organs work more efficiently to improve physical and emotional well being.
During this session steamed herbal compresses will be applied to the belly throughout the massage to help loosen and relax the abdominal muscles. Oil is used to massage the abdominal area. Can omit herbal compress for hot towels if desired. First time clients may have a longer intake so please arrive 10 minutes early. Not recommended for pregnant women, during menstruation, women with IUD or recent abdominal surgery. Please refrain from eating 2-4 hours prior. Massage is done face up with. A cover over chest which can be tucked into a bra and blanket covering lower body which can be tucked into underwear.


I believe this to be the most important massage that I offer. Your abdomen includes so many important muscles and organs and is the life force of your body. Assists to stimulate healing in circulatory systems as well as strengthening the immune system. It helps with back pain by massaging the deep abdominal muscles. It can help to release tension of stored emotions. It Assists with breathing by loosening up the diaphragmatic area. It helps move energy in the reproductive area and can help with adhesions and prevention of scar tissue formation. It helps regulate intestinal issues.

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