New happenings at the new location

I recently made a move to an adorable office above Diane Rose Jewelry on Stadium. My room has 3 windows, a ton of storage, a tiny nook for my desk, and a ton of plants 🥰. I share the upstairs currently with another super LMT and we share the bathroom so not a whole lot of traffic. Its super quiet with the exception of the occasional siren.

If you have not been to see me since Covid I aquired an extra wide table so I needed the larger room. I no longer do Thai massage on the floor mat as I can do everything on a large table. this is some thing I have been looking forward to for many many years. The table has a full warmer on it as well for maximum coziness.

Some new perks I am starting to integrate into each massage are

Hot towels: during the swedish styles and foot massage these are added to the feet and back.

Thai herbal balm: this is my favorite balm i get shipped over from Thailand. It smells amazing.

Essential oils: The list of oils is too long but I have all of the most commonly requested ones. These can be diffused, used singly in an oil or cream, or make a blend of a couple.

Your choice of Oil or Cream for the massage.

Your choice of music or soundscape: You like waterfalls or raindrops, Metallica or Enya, Spa or Yoga music? I will play almost anything. I draw the line at music that sounds too much like funeral music. It is your session. I have spotify and can download anything.

And last but not least add an additional 12 minutes of rest, awakening, and dressing once the massage is finished. I will leave the room to wash my hands and update your chart. I will set a gentle chime at 7 minutes as a notice to start coming back to earth. At the 12 minute mark another chime will sound and I will then knock on the door if you have yet to open.

All of these changes will be complimentary and going into effect fully the week of February 13th.

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