Sweetest Weekend

We are wanting to hold a Partner Thai Massage class over the Sweetest Day holiday weekend oct 18th. This class requires 2 people.
I would like to get an idea of when the best time to have the class would be.
There is an away game on Saturday and right now the time is TBD so keep that in mind when asking the person you would like to bring.
Unfortunately the time may not be announced till after I have already scheduled the class cause who knows when they will announce it.

This class is a 2 hour long class where we learn easy Thai Poses, Massage Techniques, and Compressions you will watch the instructor perform and switch partners. Each person will give for an hour. I will send home a small manual of the ones we did so you can do them at home.
You can bring anyone to the class. Does not have to be romantic partners at all.

The poll is below. I am hoping to get the class scheduled this week. The class will be $25 per couple and held at The Mix Studio
Thank you for taking the poll

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