Benefits of Thai Abdominal Massage Pt. 1


In terms of abdominal massage and it’s benefits, the easiest benefit to explain would be the muscular benefit.

As I mentioned in a previous post there are many muscles in the abdomen and it only seems logical to have them massaged as well during a visit to your Massage Therapist or Bodyworker.

Unfortunately as I also stated in a previous post the abdomen can be an area that Mt’s or bodyworkers tend to stay away from. For a couple reasons. #1 they are uneducated and lack experience. #2 their spa will not allow it. #3 they had a bad experience where a client was uncomfortable with it. #4 they fear it because of the draping involved on the part of the female client.

All of the above I will touch on in further post where referencing them applies.

So let me get back to what I was saying. Why leave out the belly in your self care sessions? If your low back hurts, there is a chance the muscles in your belly could be to blame. Chances are though you have no choice to leave out the belly because of the above reasons #1-4. Well, in the next few posts I am hoping you will realize after reading all the benefits that finding an MT or bodyworker who has worked through #1-4 above and will offer belly work.

The Obliques, Rectus Abdominis, The Diaphragm, and the Psoas muscle which is accessed by the belly are a couple of muscles and groups of muscles that can be massaged during an abdominal session. Your belly muscles can tighten up just as easily as any other muscle group in your body. These muscles tightening up can be caused my sitting long periods, fetal position during sleep, lifting heavy objects, or stress and tension. Once they have tightened up they can cause a myriad of issues from pain, gastro issues, difficulty breathing, and reproductive issues.

Tomorrow I will discuss the organs in the belly and how massage affects them.


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