Thai Herbal Abdominal Massage

The technique of abdominal massage I offer is different than what is commonly taught in schools in Thailand. I learned from my teacher Ann who is a 3rd generation healer from the Karen Hill tribe in Northern Thailand.

The difference between the abdominal massage I offer and others offered in Thailand is I use herbs steamed in a compress that is applied during the service. I also offer my sessions in a series after the first session to ease into the belly and continue to heal over time. These series could be anywhere from several times a week over a few weeks to just once a week or once a month.

But do not worry, I make these sessions completely affordable. My goal is to help you get healthy. And alot of our health, both mental and physical starts in our bellies.

The first visit will take about 75 minutes. Doing an intake, discussing any health issues. You can wear your clothes if you would like. I will tuck towels into the underwear to avoid exposure as well as oil getting on them. Typically the first session is an introductory session to see how your body will respond to the massage. Abdominal massage is very different than regular massage because it is not very common to have another person pressing on your belly. There can be many issues going on in the belly that a person has no clue about until someone presses on it. We will get into that later.

Once you are tucked in I will cover the belly with a towel and rest my hand on it to ground myself and you can relax. I will then start pressing the compress on top of the towel to warm the belly till the compress is cool enough to put directly on the skin. The compress will have herbs in it that I will ask you ahead of time if you are okay with (no allergies). Once the series of massages start we can tailor the herb bundle to your sessions.

Once your belly has warmed I will massage the belly gently with oil. Repeat the steamed herbs, and massage a couple more times. Once the belly is warmed the massage becomes a bit deeper. The initial visit has less targeted work and is more to see what the needs are for further sessions.

Who will benefit from abdominal massage? Everyone!

Issues with Digestion, reproduction, difficulty breathing, low back pain are just a few broad issues that abdominal massage can help with. So what makes it so beneficial?

Well first of all there are so many major organs in your belly. When you think about it, why would you want to leave them out of your regular massage? Not only are their organs in your belly but there are muscles too. Just like when your shoulders get tension your belly can experience tension as well.

Tomorrow I will cover more in depth of the benefits of abdominal massage.




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