Herbal Abdominal Massage

When I was in massage school 13 years ago I was freaked out by touching someones belly. Working on pregnant women equally freaked me out.

It was not till I had my 2nd daughter that I started to feel comfortable doing prenatal massages.

It was not until I finished my Thai Herbal Abdominal class that I felt comfortable working on all kinds of bellies.

Both of which have become some of my favorites. After a couple years of toying with the idea of combining the 2 modalities I am ready to start the planning of getting over to Thailand to do the training.

The school I originally wanted to attend is closed for the month of July which is when I can go. So I have to narrow it down to 2 others. I love the researching and planning.

This week I will be posting about the benefits of both prenatal as well as Thai Herbal Abdominal. And hopefully soon I will have locked in my travel plans.


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