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Signature Sessions

East West Blend

A combination of traditional Thai techniques of stretching and acupressure with oil/lotion and the relaxation of a Swedish massage. This combination of stretch bodywork and relaxation techniques balances the body and soul for a renewed sense of restoration and flexibilty. Sessions include hot towels, essential oils, and thai balms by request.

60/$100 90/$130

Thai Herbal Abdominal Massage

My abdominal massage is a combination of techniques of Chi Nei Tsang and Karen Hill Tribe Massage of Northern Thailand. The focus is to assist the internal abdominal organs work more efficiently to improve physical and emotional well being. 
During this session steamed herbal compresses will be applied to the belly throughout the massage to help loosen and relax the abdominal muscles. Oil is used to massage the abdominal area. Can omit herbal compress for hot towels if desired. First time clients may have a longer intake so please arrive 10 minutes early. Not recommended for pregnant women, during menstruation, women with IUD or recent abdominal surgery. Please refrain from eating 2-4 hours prior. Massage is done face up with. A cover over chest which can be tucked into a bra and blanket covering lower body which can be tucked into underwear.


Thai Massage Retreat

3 hours of pampering. Includes 60 minutes of Thai Massage, 30 minutes of herbal abdominal with the steamed herbal compress, 45 minutes of herbal face, head, and neck massage, and 45 minutes of Thai Foot Reflexology with hot stones. Pleas email me to schedule this due to the duration of service. maithaiyoga@gmail.com

3 Hours/$225

Massage and Bodywork

Swedish Relaxation, Hot Stones and bamboo & Prenatal Massage


Swedish Massage 60/$75

Swedish Massage 90/$95

Prenatal Massage 60/$75

Add Hot Stones and bamboo $15

Thai Massage, Acupressure, and Stretch Bodywork

Thai Massage 60/$85

Thai Massage 90/$115

Thai Massage 120/$145

Acupressure 60/$60

Head, Hands, Feet, and Ear Acupuncture

Reflexology with head massage 60/$60

Reflexology with Ear Acupuncture 55/$70

Head massage or Ear Acupuncture can be swapped for Hand Acupressure

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  • (734)531-8259


2440 w. stadium (enter in front and go upstairs)
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